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Hong Kong Visa


Visa is usually a compulsory procedure for visitors to enter one country. However, most tourists don’t require a visa for a visit to Hong Kong.

It is nearly 200 countries which are the Non-Visa to Hong Kong for Foreign Countries/ Areas in a certain time.

In particular, Visitors are not normally permitted to change the visa type (or move from a non-visa situation to obtaining one) after arrival but of course it is easy to exit HK and apply for a Hong Kong Visa again.

Some countries such as To British nationals, they can enter Hong Kong for 180 days without obtaining a visa in advance, and 3 months for Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand most European nationals.

It is noticeable that it is easy for most visitors to take the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau.

Apart from the countries in the list of the Non-Visa to Hong Kong, other countries need a visa to enter Hong Kong.

And they have to come to the Embassy or Consulate -General in the consular jurisdiction where you work to submit the application, or you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to come to the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate -General in the consular jurisdiction where you live for application process.

And the Processing time is not fixed. The Embassy shall issue visas according to the response from the Hong Kong Immigration Department

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